Lighthouse Web Application Firewall offers flexible along with bespoke rules to protect your web applications.

Usual attack patterns

  • Well known attacks such as SQL injections, Xss or malicious file upload can be blocked through an easy to use interface.

Custom rules

  • Blacklist, whitelists
  • Bad Robot control

Behavioural rules

  • Generic rules offer an acceptable protection against most attacks.
  • To protect your services against specific behaviour, Lighthouse mediation plateform allows our customers to decide what should be considered as an attack :

    – Limit, for a given period of time, the number of requests depending on the method, the url path,…

    – Based on a specific threeshold, limit the number of simultaneous requests forwarded to the origin servers.


Connection optimization, Dynamic cache key.

Content Delivery Network

  • CDN help significabtely with performances and origin offload for static content.
  • On average images, CSS, JS,… represents 75% of the load, a CDN is definitely a must-have. What about remaining 25%?

Lighthouse Dynamic content optimization

  • The mediation plateform keeps connection « alive » to your origin infrastructure. So, even for non cachable content, we help decreasing network related slowdown.
  • Our dynamic engine allows to change the cache key depending on your use context :

    – Standard cache key : URL : ie:/home.html

    – Lighthouse mediation plateforme is able to apply rules baszeed on your web applications, using the URI+

    + cookie name

    + cookie content

    + referer

    + geoloc

    + browser langage

    + device

    – Then your content become cachable.


Optimize your SEO, optimize your infrastructure.

Simplify your URL to make it easier for Google and other search engines :

  • Remove special caracters
  • Minimize query string parameters

Manage your content depending on your visitors specific datas

  • Geolocation
  • Browser language

  • Specific header


Lighthouse CRIO-Adaptive images delivery help in saving R&D time, getting faster on the market, drastically reducing IT costs and improve viewers experience.

CRIO (Cloud Responsive Image Optimization) is a key module of the Lighthouse Mediation Platform.

CRIO is in between the Origin and the CDN and deliver optimized images for different devices (desktop, mobiles, tablets,…) when only one version of the images is taken into account at the Origin.

CRIO detects your visitor’s browser window size and/or user agent and automatically creates, caches and delivers through the CDN, appropriate re-scaled versions of web page’s embedded HTML images. This service will instantaneously reduce current needs in infrastructure and allow delivering the optimum Web experience to your online customers, for any device.

Today web and mobile applications require several versions of the same image for different contexts and devices. At the same time, visitor’s expectations for richer and more engaging content rise everyday, leading to a lower agility and increased complexity.

Origin based images manipulation, storage and delivery is often costly, not flexible and slow.

Knowing that webpage average size is close to 2MB and increasing, that images represent often 75% of the size, Lighthouse launched CRIO to provide our customers with a simple, easy to manage and lightning fast Images optimisation solution.

  • Drive revenue by improving performance on mobile
    Display pages 30% faster
  • Optimize CDN cost
    As images delivered for mobile are on average much smaller
  • Agility – Time to market
    Easy to define a new profile for a new device without any change at the origin
  • Reduce infrastructure & maintenance costs
    Origin infrastructure needs only one image size for all devices.
    Image manipulations are done in the cloud